Do you wish computers were better? [Y/n] yes

Do you want to work on something that makes them better? [Y/n] yes

Computers were supposed to be "bicycles for the mind" and help us "augment human intellect", but we've lost track of this original vision. We want to find our way back. Makeabetter.computer is a microgrants program focused on people working on projects that make computers better.

Example projects:

  1. (1) Building a self-hosted compiler or interpreter.
  2. (2) Prototype an experimental browser.
  3. (3) Make your computer express emotions.
  4. (4) Write a blog post sharing your vision for the future of computing.
  5. Note: There's no off-limits ideas, so bring your wildest ones

Example usage:

  1. (1) Using the money to compensate for skipping work or school.
  2. (2) Paying your friend to work on your project with you.
  3. (3) Paying for APIs and other software tooling.
  4. (4) Sponsoring you over time on a project (Patreon, Github, etc).

Grants range from $100–$500. Grant applications are currently closed

FAQ (click here)

  1. Is this real?  Yes.
  2. Why are you doing this?  We want to make computers better.
  3. What do you get out of it?  We get to see cool projects
  4. Where does the money come from?  Me and some generous friends. If you want to contribute money, you can! Just DM or email me.
  5. How are projects chosen?  Purely based on what we find interesting.